The Chinese fashion market despite it’s wealth of opportunity has always been difficult for Australian brands to enter, with AFG China teams experience and expertise we make the process simple and rewarding.

The Chinese retail industry is a tough market to enter coming from Australia as the market requires you to know the correct channels.  Given the complex structure of the market, coupled with the strong language barrier and the complete inundation with high-end luxury European brands the market has long been considered impossible to enter.

Our expertise in this area knows no end and further extensive work in China over the last 8 years has given us great knowledge of the ever-changing Chinese fashion industry and how best to enter the most lucrative market in the world. Scott Fiora manages the team in Australia and China, with Scott Fiora at the helm the company has had great success with brands in the Chinese market along with managing Distribution and Joint Venture partnerships.

AFG China is the most effective entry into the Chinese market, we choose selected brands from Australia to showcase in our Wholesale Showroom in China providing them the chance to showcase in front of Buyers, Licensees, Media, Celebrities and KOLs all creating business for your brand each season.

AFG China work with each brand that showcases giving them constant updates of who is coming through and the interest their brand is creating.

Our company fulfils your every requirement, presenting your label in the greatest manner possible sure to create ongoing, lucrative and sustainable business in China.



  • China Population: 1.4 Billion

  • People aged below 35: 500 million+

  • E-Shoppers in China: 700+ million in 2017

  • Clothing is the #1 category of online retail in China

  • A better brand recognition within China should result in higher sales also back home, driven by demand from Chinese tourists.

  • In top tier cities, Millenials prefers foreign brands only.

  • In the next 5 years in China, the consumption from 2nd, 3rd, 4th tier cities will surpass 1st tier cities and will account for 60% of economic growth.

  • Weibo is the Facebook of China: Weibo users 600+ million

  • 1 billion + Chinese people use their phone to connect to internet

  • 200 billion+ purchases were made online in China 2017




AFG China is a fashion agency representing Australian fashion brands in China. We are based between Sydney, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

For more information on how to enter your brand into China or any general enquiries please contact Australian Fashion Guide Pty Ltd.

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